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Love is everything. Love is the most brilliant thing in the world. Because of love, our world turns out to be a sunny place.


We couldn't go without love. For instance, love can help us communicate with each other very well, love can help us overcome all the difficulties, love can help us get rid of our unhappiness, love can turn our enemies into our friends, and our destinies can also be changed by love.


What's more, love is a bowl of rice for a hungry beggar, love is an overcoat for a tramp in winter days, love is an umbrella for us in raining days, love is a stick for the old, love is the best medicine for the sick, love is the sunlight for the blind, and love is the gospel for the deaf. Without love, our world is meaningless.


However, love isn't a bunch of flowers or a nice present. Love is a thread in our coat. Love is inside, making our life warm and comfortable.




Our mother is the one who gives birth to us, she is patient and kind. When we are making mistakes, our father will be angry and beat us, but mother does the other way, she talks to our father, letting him pace and forgives for what we do. Mother’s love is so tender, we grow up with it. When Mothers’ Day comes, we should show our love to her.



My father is quiet, when we are at home, he always reads newspaper and less talk to me. Unlike my mother, she takes care of me all the time, my father never shows his love to me. One day, I fall off the bike and get hurt, when my father comes home, he buys me a lot of medicine. I feel his love now.




爱英语作文 篇1

But somehow those three little words


Are the hardest ones to share.


And fathers say I love you


In ways that words can‘t match--


With tender bed time stories


Or a friendly game of catch!


You can see the words I love you


In a father‘s boyish eyes


When he runs home,all excited,


With a poorly wrapped surprise.


A father says I love you


With his strong helping hands


With a smile when you‘re in trouble


With the way he understands.


He says I love you haltingly.


With awkward tenderness--


It‘s hard to help a four-year-old into a party dress!


He speaks his love unselfishly


By giving all he can


To make some secret dream come true.


Or follow through a plan.


A father‘s seldom-spoken love


Sounds clearly through the years--


Sometimes in peals of laughter,



Sometimes through happy tears.


Perhaps they have to speak their love


In a fashion all their own.


爱英语作文 篇2

Dear students,

After the terrible earthquake, there are lots of children out of school. Some of them are even homeless.

Their schools and houses have destroyed. They can just live in the open air.They don t have enough school things or clothes .As we all know,every kid has the right to go to school,but now they are in trouble.As a Chinese,we should help them as possible as we can. We can raise some money and things for them. And we can also write to them to encourage them. I hope they will return to school as soon as possible with our help

爱英语作文 篇3

love.. what is love? a lot of people shared their views to what love really is, or at least what love is in their eyes. perhaps love is just an illusion. a strong illusion, especially for those who are searching for a purpose of life. is love an answer? love can be wonderful, special, complicated, a distress, a gift, a curse, a tragedy, and most of all, an experience.

love is a mysterious and a complicated force. what do a person mean when they say they love someone? love is many different things. each of us have our own understanding of love is, and most of the time we base our definitions from feelings and experiences. the book defines love in many ways. "it is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties." it can be an affection and tenderness felt by lovers. love is the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration. just when we thought we finally grasp what love is, somebody asks:

"does anyone really know what "love" mean? i believe i have a true love, but "true love" is always hurt, isn"t it?" i scratches my head with this thought and began to wonder. what is the answer to this? "this i have to know!" i said to myself. i looked in the mirror and asked "is it a true love when you know you want to live with this special person for the rest of your life? have we reached "true love" when we are ready to give everything away towards our subject? or maybe when can go as far as to sacrifice ourselves for our love? what about love as an obsession? is that possible?"but isn"t love suppose to be an obsession? if it is not, then you"d have to rationalize. if you rationalize then it"s not love, because there is always a better rationalization.""i think the "in love" phase is obsessive but according to williamson (and backed up by my paltry experience), love does not involve the ego, is selfless and the opposite of obsession."

according to marriane williamson, the author of "a return to love," there is a "holy love" and a "special love." "the latter type is the obsessiveone; finding that one "special" person absorbs _all_ your attention."so who is right and who is wrong about love? there is no wrong answer. love is many wonderful things. love may not work out all the time but it leaves you a special sort of feeling, like nothing you have ever imagined. is love a purpose of life? i think are life will be ll without it. but is it necessary? important? it is a part of life, and forever it will be a part of us. "love is not thinking about your happiness but making others happy." -anonymous "our hearts are created to love." -e. atienza"love is like a roller coaster, it has ups and downs."

"love doesn"t make the world go around, love makes the ride worth while." -unknown

"money will buy you sex but not love." -simon vainrub

"the more you cry for the person you really love, the more you can understand real love." -tsuchida tomomi

爱英语作文 篇4



Father's love is like music, playing wonderful music for me;


Father's love is like spring water. When my mouth is dry, give me water.


Father's love is like a pillar! It is father who supports the whole family with his high back.


Father's love is great